NIA Technique with Amanda Doan
Sunday 4-5pm
$10 / Class

Through movement we find health. Good muscle tone keeps joints healthy and bones aligned.
All of the NIA moves are derived from nine classic movement forms: three each form the martial arts, the dance arts, and the healing arts.
These moves provide conditioning of the large muscle groups, as well as the small, intrinsic muscles close to the bone.
Making the movements an expression of you- your own unique rhythm, body language, and emotions allows you to be yourself and have fun.

All fitness levels welcome!

Amanda Doan

Several years ago a friend brought me to a NIA class. Instinctively I knew it’d be good to stay with it, not just for the exercise, but also to have an activity in my life that gave me room for creative expression. I believe in group exercise, because you just do more in a class than you would on your own. I enjoy dancing and moving with others. Teaching NIA has helped me stay commited to being healthy, and the joy of movement helps me get more out of life.

Amanda Doan

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